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Low Brow burgers is the same food circus you have come to know and love just with a new name.
Some of you still call us U burg, U burger, University Burger, Punk rock burger shop, or even Burger Shop. And although weve had a few name changes over the years one thing has never changed, our unwavering dedication to making you the burger we can.

A brief history

Uburger was the first incarnation of this burger journey and quite honestly not one we are going to spend a whole lot of time on. It was operational for three years before being sold to the current owner in march of 2019. Not to diminish what that version was or did for the legacy of burgers in Bozeman but it all changed on April 1st 2019. New menu - new meat - new buns - new attitude . . . . . . new name

University Burger

This is where our story really starts, if U burger was the prologue University Burger is chapter one. First lets acknowledge the name, going from U to University seemed logical as the purchase and restructure took place over the course of a mere two weeks and In the beginning the concept was not intended to change very much from the original. A chalkboard menu and school colors dominated the college burger shop vibe, and we were very go school and or local sports team. (We still stay true to our school like the beach boys but in different forms). Not to dissimilar to a kid moving into their first dorm room - school became less important than self-expression and very quickly a new identity began and was embraced, the burgers got bigger and bolder, the music got louder and the graffiti took over the dining room.


Not only was punk rock music played on loop but the attitude that came with punk rock started sticking its pink mohawked little head out. We really started embracing ourselves and quite frankly doing whatever the fuck we wanted. Burger specials started featuring more and more unique ingredients but the "plain" burger started becoming a thing of the past as well. Proudly becoming the middle finger of the burger scene the punk rock version of the burger shop is possibly the most important piece of the puzzle. On a particularly alcohol fueled evening the idea of calling ourselves "punk rock" became about as effective as google searching how to be a punk and that's about as punk as creed so. . . . . . . . .

THE Burger Shop

To be completely honest this is the version that was supposed to stick. Its simple and straight forward and could still carry that punk attitude. Equally ambiguous and specific the burger shop is what we had been calling the place the whole damn time anyway. "I'm headed to the burger shop" or "thank you calling the burger shop" was common nomenclature. So why not steer into the skid right? This was the same time the food truck got rebranded to the Burger truck and all in the world seemed right. The Burger shop and the Burger truck - we had been through a lot, learned a lot and even trademarked a logo along the way. All that was left to do was secure the rights to the domain name, how hard can that be right?!? Oh how naive we were in thinking that. Any and all versions or variations of Burger Shop - Shoppe The burger Shop etc. were already owned and for the small price of twelve thousand to twenty thousand dollars we could have bought one of them. To put it simply FUCK THAT.
Thus began the search for a name that embraced our past, understood our journey, and was brandable for the future. LOWBROW is by definition not highly intellectual or cultured. But a short dive into the lowbrow art movement of the late 60's based in graffiti - punk music - hotrods -tiki culture and comics and lowbrow comedy - which is basically fart and boner jokes. . . . . . .it all sorta starts to makes sense.

So without further a due we present to you Low Brow Burgers.